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Our projects

Rye Town Park Honey

Rye Town Park Honey. In 2021, we installed bee hives on the peninsula in the pond in Rye Town Park, and Park Director Russ Gold donates his time to tend to the bees and harvest the honey for us. He learned the art of beekeeping from a local beekeeper in our community, and is in turn teaching the art of beekeeping to some of our board members. The honey that comes from these hives is extra special and delicious, and is available for sale in-person only at some of our upcoming events. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @friendsofryetownpark to find out more! 

Our resident beekeeper, Park Director Russ Gold

Photo credit: Diana Page

Charlie Northshield, Jr. Outdoor Classroom

In 2023, the Friends of Rye Town Park built an outdoor seating area on the pond as a gathering spot for park visitors. It is dedicated to our friend Charlie Northshield in celebration of his long time service to the Friends of Rye Town Park and his over 30 year career as an educator in Rye. The curved teak bench and stone walls provide ample seating for educators and students to use the park as an "outdoor classroom" to study nature, poetry, pollinators and more, or to simply reflect and enjoy this unique view at this special place. 


Charlie Northshield, Jr. Outdoor Classroom

Photo credit: Lucy Berkoff



In 2021 and 2022, The Friends of Rye Town Park partnered with Chris Duncan and the Little Garden Club of Rye and dozens of volunteers to plant a total of nearly 30,000 daffodils in Rye Town Park. Every spring, people flock to the park to see the beautiful result!

Our partner Chris Duncan of the Little Garden Club of Rye brought the idea for the daffodil hill to us in 2021.

Photo credit: Diana Page


We underwrite much of the planting that goes on in the park. We endeavor to plant native, pollinator friendly plants, shrubs and flowers to support native wildlife and our precious ecology. Follow us on Instagram @friendsofryetownpark to read about the native plants and trees we utilize so that neighbors of the park can copy these in your own gardens. Please join us in working to #makenativethenorm!


16 newly delivered native trees purchased by us, awaiting planting in Rye Town Park.

Photo credit: Diana Page


Poetry Path

We were delighted to work with project founder Amy Vijayanagar and her team throughout the process of bringing this collaborative public art installation to life in our park. We funded the initial group of poems which were installed as unique art pieces in the park in 2022, and our gift opened the door to additional funds from Arts Westchester and others. We have been gratified to hear from so many of you - in person, by email, or by tagging us in your photos on Instagram - how much you enjoy exploring the park and discovering all of these treasures. Learn more at this link.

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